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Helen Hastings

United States
last updated on 08-Oct-2017

Helen Hastings is originally from Sherman, Texas. She demonstrated a fascination with nature at a very early age. Her first pet was a comet goldfish and she has kept various species of fish on and off since the age of five. Helen was lucky enough to be allowed to keep many kinds of animals. The jumping spider definitely pushed the envelope; her parents drew the line at snakes.

Helen majored in English and minored in Botany at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She spent a lot of time loitering around the labs and still enjoys studying the life sciences.

For her day job, Helen manages a technical publications group for a privately held company specializing in radio frequency identification (RFID) applications in the transportation field. She manages people, projects and budgets in a typical corporate environment. Her other job involves a house, a spouse, a teenager, two dogs, a cat, a bird, African cichlids & synos, and pond comets; an interesting biotope. (A detailed job description is pending.) Currently she is breeding and observing L. speciosus and J. transcriptus (Gombi).

When she is not running to keep up with the aforementioned creatures, Helen runs for fitness and has completed several marathons. She has tried downhill skiing, scuba diving and skydiving but has found that parenting is excitement enough.

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