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Cichlidae Bonaparte 1835 (Actinopteri: Perciformes)

最初命名為: Cychlini (subfamily).

模式種: .

俗名: Cichlids.

評論: With the purpose to integrate the family groups classification for the family Cichlidae we have followed the latest works that incorporate extensive DNA comparison techniques and the valid family groups names available. For American cichlids we have trusted the latest proposal by Smith et al (2008) accepting the suggestions given by Říčan et all (Říčan et al., 2016). Several family group names and diagnoses were taken from Kullander (Kullander, 1998) and other sources. For African tilapines we have followed Dunz et al (2013), their diagnoses and proposed family group names. For Lake Tanganyika cichlids we have followed Poll (1986) and Takahashi (2003, 2016). For Madagascar and Indian cichlids we have followed Sparks (2004) and used his diagnoses. Some areas are still in need of a valid classification, so we will update the present classification as new information becomes available.


亞科: Cichlinae Bonaparte, 1840

Chocoheros, Oscura.

族: Astronotini Hoedeman, 1947


族: Chaetobranchini Fernández-Yépez, 1951

Chaetobranchopsis, Chaetobranchus.

族: Cichlasomatini Kullander, 1998

Acaronia, Aequidens, Andinoacara, Bujurquina, Cichlasoma, Cleithracara, Ivanacara, Krobia, Laetacara, Nannacara, Rondonacara, Tahuantinsuyoa.

族: Cichlini Bonaparte, 1840


族: Geophagini Haseman, 1911

Acarichthys, Apistogramma, Apistogrammoides, Biotodoma, Biotoecus, Crenicara, Crenicichla, Dicrossus, Geophagus, Guianacara, Gymnogeophagus, Mazarunia, Mikrogeophagus, Satanoperca, Taeniacara, Teleocichla.

族: Retroculini Kullander, 1998


族: Therapsini Allgayer, 1989

Amatitlania, Amphilophus, Archocentrus, Astatheros, Australoheros, Caquetaia, Chiapaheros, Chortiheros, Chuco, Cincelichthys, Cribroheros, Cryptoheros, Darienheros, Herichthys, Heroina, Heros, Herotilapia, Hoplarchus, Hypselecara, Hypsophrys, Isthmoheros, Kronoheros, Maskaheros, Mayaheros, Mesoheros, Mesonauta, Nandopsis, Neetroplus, Panamius, Parachromis, Paraneetroplus, Petenia, Pterophyllum, Rheoheros, Rocio, Symphysodon, Talamancaheros, Theraps, Thorichthys, Tomocichla, Trichromis, Uaru, Vieja, Wajpamheros.

亞科: Etroplinae Kullander, 1998

Etroplus. Paretroplus.

亞科: Pseudocrenilabrinae Fowler, 1934

Abactochromis, Allochromis, Anomalochromis, Benitochromis, Chetia, Chindongo. Chromidotilapia. Congochromis, Cyathochromis, Cyclopharynx, Cynotilapia, Divandu, Enigmatochromis. Genyochromis, Gephyrochromis. Hemichromis, Heterochromis. Iodotropheus, Labeotropheus, Labidochromis. Limbochromis. Lithochromis, Mbipia, Mchenga, Melanochromis. Metriaclima, Mylochromis. Nanochromis. Neochromis. Pallidochromis, Paralabidochromis, Parananochromis, Pelvicachromis, Petrotilapia, Pharyngochromis. Platytaeniodus, Pseudotropheus, Pundamilia, Pyxichromis, Sargochromis. Schubotzia. Schwetzochromis, Serranochromis. Teleogramma. Thoracochromis, Thysochromis. Tropheops. Wallaceochromis.

族: Bathybatini Poll, 1986

Bathybates, Hemibates.

族: Benthochromini Takahashi, 2003


族: Boulengerochromini Takahashi, 2003


族: Coelotilapiini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Coptodonini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Cyphotilapiini Takahashi, 2003

Cyphotilapia, Trematochromis.

族: Cyprichromini Poll, 1986

Cyprichromis, Paracyprichromis.

族: Ectodini Poll, 1986

Asprotilapia, Aulonocranus, Callochromis, Cardiopharynx, Cunningtonia, Cyathopharynx, Ectodus, Enantiopus, Grammatotria, Lestradea, Microdontochromis, Ophthalmotilapia, Xenotilapia.

族: Eretmodini Staeck, 1977

Eretmodus, Spathodus, Tanganicodus.

族: Etiini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Gobiocichlini Dunz et al., 2013

Gobiocichla, Paragobiocichla.

族: Haplochromini Hoedeman, 1947

Alticorpus, Aristochromis, Astatoreochromis, Astatotilapia, Aulonocara, Buccochromis, Caprichromis, Champsochromis, Chilotilapia, Copadichromis, Corematodus, Ctenochromis, Ctenopharynx, Cyrtocara, Dimidiochromis, Diplotaxodon, Docimodus, Exochochromis, Fossorochromis, Haplochromis, Hemitaeniochromis, Hemitilapia, Interochromis, Lethrinops, Lichnochromis, Limnotilapia, Lobochilotes, Lufubuchromis, Naevochromis, Nimbochromis, Nyassachromis, Orthochromis, Otopharynx, Palaeoplex, Petrochromis, Placidochromis, Protomelas, Pseudocrenilabrus, Pseudosimochromis, Rhamphochromis, Sciaenochromis, Simochromis, Stigmatochromis, Taeniochromis, Taeniolethrinops, Tramitichromis, Trematocranus, Tropheus, Tyrannochromis.

族: Heterotilapiini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Lamprologini Poll, 1986

Altolamprologus, Chalinochromis, Julidochromis, Lamprologus, Lepidiolamprologus, Neolamprologus, Paleolamprologus, Telmatochromis, Variabilichromis.

族: Limnochromini Poll, 1986

Baileychromis, Gnathochromis, Greenwoodochromis, Limnochromis, Reganochromis, Tangachromis, Triglachromis.

族: Oreochromini Dunz et al., 2013

Danakilia, Iranocichla, Konia, Myaka, Oreochromis, Pungu, Sarotherodon, Stomatepia, Tristramella.

族: Pelmatolapiini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Perissodini Poll, 1986

Haplotaxodon, Perissodus, Xenochromis.

族: Steatocranini Dunz et al., 2013


族: Tilapiini Hoedeman, 1947

Chilochromis, Congolapia, Pelmatochromis, Pterochromis, Tilapia.

族: Trematocarini Poll, 1986


族: Tylochromini Poll, 1986


亞科: Ptychochrominae Sparks, 2004

Katria. Oxylapia, Paratilapia, Ptychochromis, Ptychochromoides.

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