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Welcome to my blog, let me start by saying a little about myself. My name is Dave and I've been fish keeping since I was 10 so I've been keeping fish for 19 years. Started out with a 10g guppy tank and grew from there. I'm married and have a beautiful daughter who helps me feed the fish I have. I'm also currently in nursing school.

Now I don't have as many tanks as some of the folks on here at least not anymore. I was up to 32 tanks at one point but with school, work and spending time with family I just don't have the 6+ hours once or twice a week to do water changes and normal maintenance. So with that said I currently have 9 tanks up in the fish room with 3 more likely getting set back up soon. I then have three display tanks, 1 African tank and 2 marine tanks. The list is as follows:

3 20L
1 20H
1 47.7g (Fluval 900)
1 15g (baby Eastern Box Turtle tanke)
1 20L Eastern Mud Turtle tank
1 10g tank
3 8g tanks (is a triplex glass tank)
1 100g
1 55g (in process of becoming a fowlr marine tank)
1 20L (reef tank)

I will be creating a new topic for the fish room and the display tanks and will be posting pictures and such. Hopefully will not bore you all too much.
Fishy Dave
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