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New Member Just Saying Hello to everyone

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:05 pm
by redrider13424
Hello, Just wanted to take a moment and say hello to everyone. I am a new member of OCA and this Forum, I live in Kidron Ohio Father to 7 children Happily married and a African Cichlid Nut. I use to raise a few Africans years ago and have recently gotten back into the African Cichlids. The youngest boy who is 18 now started all this again when he brought a single goldfish home from school. I felt sorry for the goldfish in just a small bowl so i bought him a small tank for him and started teaching him how to take care of his tank that was a year and a half ago. Today I have 125 gal community tank of Africans, 70 gal. , 49gal.pentagon, a 30gal, 3-20gal, 2- 10gal, and a small 5gallon hex. I house some Peacocks,Electric Yellows, Frontosa, Brichardie, Redtop Hongi, Galleria, Electic Blue Johanni's, Socolofi, Black Calvus and Gold Calvus. Looking forward to listening learning and hopefully meeting some of you someday. Signed Redrider13424 (Ron)