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Returning to Cichlidae

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I'm retiring from a job that has had me moving every couple of years so now I'll be in a place where I can keep Cichlids again. I'm excited. We have a 10 gallon and a 29 gallon and may be getting back a 30 gallon long. My wife and I have some fish we know we want to keep - I want to give tropheus a try after wanting too for a long time and my wife wants a Frontoas/Gibberosa community. I also have a love of Julie's and Altolamps and had a brief taste of Cyprichromis that I'd like to renew.

I'm sure I'll be on here again as we plan for making all these things happen over the next few months after we move into our 'last' house.
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Re: Returning to Cichlidae

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Welcome to the forum. I'm sure there will be lots of people willing to help you out. Your best bet is to post a question in the Lake Tanganyika section.
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