First post, looking for a good cyprichromis source

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First post, looking for a good cyprichromis source

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Just joined the the ohio forum. I have a 20 gallon long with a bunch of multi shellies and a 75 tang tank. Trouble is, I've only got 7 cyprichromis l. And want to buy another half dozen so they are much happier than they currently are. The Columbus ohio AA store does not have amu! nor do I think they plan to carry them anymore since few seem to buy them (at around $40/fish, it's not that surprising!)

Anyone know of a good source for a half dozen or so cyps?

Thanks! I've kept mostly cichlids for the past 30 years and really enjoy the hobby. Even used to regularly attend the greater Chicago area cichlid association auction when I lived there....that was an awesome place to buy fish! I miss that!
75 g and 20 g Tanganyikan tanks
Shellies, cyps, calvus, julies.
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