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Color changing pleco

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:13 am
by TBag*Nutdrop
Hi, sorry if this is the wrong section. new to the forum and still getting adjusted.

I actually have a few questions, but I’ll start with this..
I have a couple tank in the house and in my fry tank, i have 2 lemon/bristle nose plecos (2in max). These 2 plecos seems to change color/pattern quite often. I have a few different plecos in my other tanks and they will change slightly (more of a light to dark change). But i have never seen a plecos change like these guys..

I know it’s not a pleco forum lol but i know MANY cichlids parents also keep plecos.

I will try and snap a pic of the different patterns but i wanted to get my question in before i forgot!

Thanks in advance for any info you give.