Please Help! Have New Fry and General questions

This section deals with all aspects of the 'newbie' cichlid aquarist. For questions about tanks, water parameters, food, types of cichlids, and what other fish can be kept with them.

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Please Help! Have New Fry and General questions

Post by mariaconnie87 »

So I inherited my son's fish tank and need some help. Tank is 75 gallons freshwater. I think for the most part I have identified the fish. I think there is 2 Electric Blue Maingano Cichlids in tank with 1 silver dollar, 7 Tiger Barb about 1.5" each,1 Rainbow Shark about 3" long, and 1 Pleco about 8 inches long. From all I have read Cichlids should not be with other types of fish. About a month ago I noticed tiny fry. I separated them into a 5 gallon tank and they seem very happy. I have a few questions... Does anyone know which of the 2 cichlids is the male? I have attached pictures. The brighter and larger Cichlid is very aggressive and is constantly chasing the smaller Cichlid. I am assuming the smaller one might be the female. The smaller cichlid is now missing parts of it's tail you can see in the pictures. I figure its's injured by the other chichlid. Should I remove the other fish and add more Cichlid? If yes, can I buy different kind of Cichlids? Also what can I to do with the fry? Will they be able to go in to my 75 gallon tank. I know I have a lot of questions, I just need advise! I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!
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Re: Please Help! Have New Fry and General questions

Post by lux788 »

Hi i am definitially a newbie but i think i can answer some of your questions.
Wierd that nobody has answered since august this year, perhaps i will go find another forum.
it is okay to have ciclids with some types of other fish, is you see that certain other fishes get bitten it is because they are to slow and should be put in another place.
ciclids are territorial fishes that chases away other fish when they got a home and are even more ferrosious when ther are parenting.
its a normal behavior that ciclids chase another but you should check that the smaller one are okay.
i dont think you should get more ciclids of you got a small tank, they need their space.
i hope some of it helps. i hope that someone here with more knowledge will give their wiev on the topic
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