Down Under in the Great White North - CAOAC 2020

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Down Under in the Great White North - CAOAC 2020

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A special themed CAOAC convention featuring rainbowfish! There will, of course, still be all the rest of the fish as before. Location to be announced.

Tim McCaskie (Madagascar Rainbowfish
Leo O’Reily (Australia - Rhadinocentrus & Pseudomugil mellis)
Hans-Georg Evers (Germany - Rainbowfish Exploration)
John Seyjagat (USA -Rainbowfish Keeping and Care)
Wim Heemskerk (Netherlands - Pseudomugil)
Gary Lange (USA - Rainbowfish Exploration).

CAOAC Show (most likely with Betta Breeders Canada presenting an IBC Sanctioned Betta Show, a Guppy show done by the Trans Canada Guppy Group, a Canadian Biotope Aquarium Contest, killifish show by Southern Ontario Killfish Society and the 2nd UFA Canada Flowerhorn Competition). Subject to change!
Large auction of tropical fish & supplies
Vendor Show Room
Saturday Banquet
CAOAC Annual General Meeting
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