South American or African cichlids?

Discussion about cichlids from Central America
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South American or African cichlids?

Post by Rlony »

I don't have a big tank just a little 15 gallon long in the kitchen but I figured I give a few African cichlids a go.. Not sure I dig them as much as I do the south american cichlids.. I had all kinds of south and central american cichlids and found them more personable..
Now I am thinking maybe I should trade the Africans in..
The Maingano's I have are very secretive and don't do much unless I am 8 -10 ft from the tank..
Any thoughts from other keepers on that?
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Re: South American or African cichlids?

Post by TheFishGuy »

Yes, anything not from Africa.
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Re: South American or African cichlids?

Post by zenins »

Lots very suitable dwarf South American Apistogramma cichlids for your 15 gallon tank
From Central America there is the Nanoluteus ... anoluteus/
Blue Eyed cichlid

There are some other dwarfs from African Lake Tanganyika that are shell dwellers ... l-dwellers
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Re: South American or African cichlids?

Post by veloron2008 »

I know it's not generally advised by Cichlid aficionados, but I added a few Mbuna to my CA tank which lowered the overall aggression and fighting in my main 75g tank. I find it interesting to observe the differing behavior between the continental species.

Prior to adding the Mbunas, the tank was understocked with only 2 Convicts (2"), a Firemouth (1.75") and a Salvini (2"), along with some Giant Danios as dither fish which are fantastic. Not only do they act as a distraction, but they also clean up after the Cichlids who are very messy eaters. Anyway, prior to adding the African breed, the Firemouth and Convicts were pretty much always at war, with all of them retreating from the Salvini who pretty much ignored the rest. I came close to returning one of the Convicts to the fish store.

The Mbunas all range from 1.5-2" in size and immediately dominated. The tank is now at a nice equilibrium with the Africans (counterintuitively) ignoring the CA and focusing their attention on each other. However, the all the CA retreat from the Mbunas which has the effect of distracting them from fighting each other. End result is a MUCH more peaceful tank. All CA's fins have healed up since adding the Africans a couple months ago, and all fish are eating voraciously so I'm not worried about this mix (for now).

I had great success with combining CA and Africans in the past. I had a healthy, longstanding intercontinental Cichlid tank composition without losing a fish for years... until I made the rookie mistake of adding a RD to the mix. Leason learned there. :)
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