Cichlids for sale - can bring to august meeting

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Cichlids for sale - can bring to august meeting

Post by Jombi21 »

Prices reduced!
Can deliver to August OCA meeting or pickup in Brunswick
5 fish Breeding adults Metriaclima pyrsonotos albino redo top zebras $20 PENDING
6 fish Breeding group 3-4” Nimbochromis venustus gorgeous $20 SOLD
2 fish Breeders Otopharynx heterodon, male has one bad eye $10 SOLD
6 fish Breeding group Aulonocara Ruby Reds $20
6 fish breeding group Aulonocara German Red $20

7 1” enterochromis paropius $15 cool fish
5 1” metriaclima pyrsonotos $10 very colorful
6 1” otopharynx heterodon $20
1.5” green Cory aeneus… $2 per

BAP at meeting
German Reds
Ruby Reds
Black Torpedos

[email protected]
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