Spawning Laetacara dorsigera Red Breasted Acara

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Spawning Laetacara dorsigera Red Breasted Acara

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I’m a new acara keeper - I’ve only had this pair for a week and they’ve already spawned. The fry are at the wriggler stage. I’m not really sure what to do now - do I get another tank (thinking of a fluval flex 57L and using some of my already cycled media from the current 200L aquarium to jump start the cycling).

Do I move the wee fry and leave the parents? Will they keep spawning?!

In the current aquarium I’ve got rummy nosed and black neon tetras, cherry barbs and some otos. They are sort of keeping out of the away of the dorsigeras. The tank is heavily planted with bog wood and dragon stone providing cover.

Does anyone have any experience and can give me some advice of what to expect and if my growing out plan will work?

Thanks in advance

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