Can I expect long dosal from estern fainzilberi?

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Can I expect long dosal from estern fainzilberi?

Post by NickHan » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:16 am

Hello, I need your help to get some information about M. fainzilberi. One of my favorite Malawi cichlid is M. fainzilberi Maison reef because it has long beautiful dosal fin, that other mbuna doesn't have. I find from google image that western M.fainzilberi such(ex>M.fainzilberi luwino reef, M. fainzilberi katale) can make its dosal longer.

What i want to know is estern M.fainzilberi (especially red top like M.fainzilberi puulu, lundo, lundu) can have long dosal like M fainzilberi maison reef or not. It's little bit hard to find from image, and i expect someone can answer in this comunity.

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