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Dave Schumacher
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Purpose of this Section

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This section is to discuss the species that are on my website: http://www.davesfish.com

The main purpose of this section is to get feedback from everyone about the fish I am selling. I'll be the first to admit that I make mistakes, so if anyone sees any errors, please let me know! Many of the suppliers I buy from use trade names and even sell fish that are incorrectly labeled. I do my best to have everything labeled properly, but I would love to have your help!

Dave Schumacher
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Positive experiance buying from Dave.

Post by john32 »

I just Recently bought some Luwino Reef Zebras, by far the best fish I have ordered so far. I'm extremely happy with the shipping, I Live in Texas so the Shipping was only 10 dollars, but the best thing was how well they where shipped. In the past from other breeders I have had fish arrive almost dead, these fish from Dave's where shipped very well.
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