Tanganyika set up

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Tanganyika set up

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I have a new 200litre, 100cm by 40cm by 55cm aquarium.

I would like to keep some Tanganyikan substrate spawners. I am keen to keep Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus and maybe a smaller Julidochromis species.

Am I right in thinking Caudopunctatus breeds in shells as well as caves? How many caudopunctatus could I have and in what ratio, males to females?

Could I possibly have any synondontus petricola in the tank and also paracyprychromis ngripinnis?

How would you setup such an aquarium? ie rocks at both ends of the aquarium.

Many thanks for any advice you have and sorry for the barrage of questions, but advice is bit shortcoming this end of the pond so to speak.

Dom :D
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