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Stocking ideas - PLEASE HELP

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:26 am
by joan.piñol-cañadell
Good evening to all
First of all i want to apologise for my english, i hope i can explain myself correctly :D

I'm a newbie who wants to try it with african cichlids. I had bought a 500 liter / 132 gallon tank at a really good price and now i think i realise why. It's quite tall, more than wide (90 x 75 x 75 cm/ 35 x 29 inches)

The fish seller told me that if i bought them really young i could do it fish by fish or in small groups while they are young. So now i have 4 duboisi tropheus (really young) and a julidochromis regani. The julie is causing no problems and the tropheus look quite agressive but i aint afraid of them killimg themselves.
I want to add yellow lab (i know i'm mixing lakes and stuff) but ive been told that they work great with tropheus.

How many fish should i put in the tank? Is the size a problem? I dont like really overstocked and too busy tanks. I know i should have reseaeched better before adding anyhing but... :shock:
I will be very thankful of any advice you give me.