Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf

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Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf

Post by africancichlids »

Just wanted to share a photo of my Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf. The video below is from one of the times it was breeding.

Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf.jpg
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Re: Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf

Post by mamike »

Gorgeous male nyererei in that photo. I got a group of 5 teeny Mwanza Gulf fry at the 2014 OCA Convention and one is starting to color up but is more brown than red. I was having my doubts if they were the Mwanza Gulf variant, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: Pundamilia Nyererei Mwanza Gulf

Post by Optikern »

Very pretty :)
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