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Interested in joining the OCA? Membership info is here.

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:46 pm
by Kyle May
There are a ton of reasons why you should join the Ohio Cichlid Association.
I'll give you some here:

Obviously if you are on this site selling, buying, and swapping fish, you want your ad to be seen by as many people as
possible. While a great many Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA) members frequent this site, there are a great many members...and others who don' here's a way to maximize your efforts.

JOIN THE OCA. It's $15 per year and that's only $1.25 per month.

What's in it for you?

How about this:

1) Access to the entire OCA Membership for starters. You can put a free ad to sell your fish and equipment in the Buckeye Bulletin, our monthly newsletter. This goes out to every OCA member each month. Talk about exposure! Not only will you be able to sell your fish, but you'll see some real deals on fish you just don't see every day...
This one feature alone is worth the price of the entire membership.

2) Every month we have a meeting and you're invited! Members bring fish to the meetings each month and auction them you can buy the most primo cichlids at the monthly meeting auctions for a fraction of what you can buy them in a store. The truly rare and unusual cichlids get sold between members frequently. And most new members who attend our meetings find that they are a blast! You'll find friendly folks here.....and everyone loves to talk fish!

3) Wanna talk Networking? Many OCA members give...yes GIVE each other cichlids to raise, spawn, etc. I can tell you we're not handing bags of Convicts back and forth (not that we don't love Convicts!) We regularly trade Centrals, Africans, SA's, etc, amongst ourselves. Enantiopis, Petricolas, Featherfins, Rare Cory Cats, Frontosas, Geophagus, Dwarf name it...all regularly change hands between members. This networking between members is common and a great way to stretch your fish room dollars....

4) Wanna up your game? You'd be surprised at how many species club members have kept and spawned over the years. You can share your cichlid knowledge with all of us and we'll introduce you to species that you've never seen as well as some you've always wondered about. I was an African Cichlid exclusive aquarist until one of our members let me see his breeding group of Vieja's. One look and I was hooked on the big guys! Essentially it's about broadening your horizons and this is the coolest thing about our hobby.....the possibilities are endless.

5) We bring in world class speakers to the meetings each month and not only do you get to hear an interesting talk....but you'll get to talk with these giants of the hobby after the speech one on one! Discus Hans spent an hour explaining a simple way to hook up my fish room to a central system. I had dinner with Lee Newman and Ingo Seidel......met Ad Konings, Juan Migel Artigas can't put a price on experiences like these!

6) Are you concerned about cichlid conservation? We are! The OCA's Jim Smith Fund promotes and perpetuates the knowledge and conservation of cichlids. We are currently working on saving Malawi's cichlids from overfishing in their national park habitat! You can help make an immediate impact to help save cichlids by joining the OCA and supporting the Jim Smith Fund.

These are just some of the advantages of membership...there's tons more!

Here's the deal: $15 gets you an email membership good until November 2012.
You want the email membership because you will get the Buckeye Bulletin in full high definition color.Trust me, you're gonna want to start an archive of all the cool fish articles inside. $15 works out to $1.25 per month....that's probably less than a small order of fries.....

Here's a better deal: If you are in school and are under 22, you pay only ten bucks per year! You get all the same advantages of membership, but at a reduced price! Seriously...that's only 83 cents per month! Are you kidding me?!

Send us your Name, email address, Home mailing address, and phone number.

We take Paypal at: [email protected]


Send a check to:

Ohio Cichlid Association
2814 Forest Lane
Lorain, Ohio44053


Come to one of our meetings. They are the first Friday of every month at:

Old Oak Church
7575 Old Oak Blvd
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
Meetings start at 8, but you can come anytime after 7:30.
We can get you signed up at the membership table.
We can take cash or check at the meetings.

Got Questions? Call Eddie Hall - 440-787-8650 - [email protected]

Re: Interested in joining the OCA? Membership info is here.

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 7:55 pm
by Kyle May
Call Eddie. He'll make it easy for you to join the Ohio Cichlid Association