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Having Trouble Registering For The OCA Area? Look Here!!

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:19 pm
by Kyle May
Having Trouble Registering For The OCA Area? Look Here!!

Postby Kyle May ยป Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:15 pm
If you have joined the Ohio Cichlid Association and are looking to register for the Ohio Cichlid Association area,
I've attached some instructions that should help you out.
Make sure that you follow these instructions and you should have no problems accessing the "members only" content.
REMEMBER: Once you've registered you must send your USER NAMEto:
[email protected] Once I have your user name, you can be added to the Ohio Cichlid Association section of the web site.
I can get you added very quickly, but remember that I'm a volunteer and as such, I don't sit in front of this computer 24hrs per be patient!!
I usually get you up and running within a few hours.

NOTE #1: Once you've got the ability to post, make sure that you post something inside the OCA area asap. Post anything anywhere..just say hello or something.
Your first post must be approved so that the server knows that you are not spam. By doing this manually, we've been able to kill off
most of the spam that slows the server and annoys all of us.

NOTE #2: Once registered you can go into the USER CONTROL PANEL (upper left on this screen, just above the words Having Trouble),
and set your account to accept member emails and private messages. Without doing this, you may not get emails and Private Messages from the other
members wishing to buy your fish. This takes two seconds and, while you are in there, you can upload an avatar of yourself so we'll all
know what a lovely person you are. (avatars must be a very small picture - 80 X 80 pixels max.)

That's it..have at it! Now here's the visual help promised prior to all of the rambling: