Planning is Key To Succes For Remodel

By Kyle May
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Planning is Key To Succes For Remodel

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Okay...I'm at it again. I had a rack along one wall of my fish room that contained fifteen 20 gallon high tanks (75 liters).
Since my intersts have changed since I built this rack 4 yrs ago, I've decided to wipe the slate clean and start all over again.
When beginning a project of this nature you naturally would think of a starting point that would likely begin with moving fish,
draining water and moving tanks. Being a dyed-in-the wool anal-retentinve, I must begin a project of this nature using a different approach.

From my experience with projects like this, I know that for me, planning is very important.
Before I drain the first drop of water, I must have a solid plan, including drawings and a step by step
list from start to finish. This keeps me from forgetting something and also helps to break a giant project down into smaller, more manageable steps. Tthis keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.
A good plan also helps you to keep costs down because you can easily make a materials list from your drawing. Having the drawing posted nearby while doing the project will insure that what is built in the fish room is exactly what you had visualized when you started. For my project, I actually had three plans:
One for general layout and construction of stands, a second for the wiring, and a third for the drains.
Here is my original drawing:
Doing this on the computer might seem like overkill, but this process forces me to really think about how the stand will be constructed. It also forces me to review the measurements to make sure the tanks will fit once the stand is constructed and that it will fit the space allotted to the project when complete.

Here is the project in real life with the tanks almost removed from the stand. You can see that the area to the left of the stand has darker paint. The dark paint in my fish room makes the tanks visually pop off the wall and enhances the display of the fish. It also helps with my photographic efforts. You can see that the walls behind the old stand is in serious need of freshening….this was really messy.

First project is to clean slate the wall. First I thoroughly clean the area with a bleach free mold killer treatment. This treatment kills any mold present and leaves a residue to prevent any future growth.
Next the wall is sealed with a masonry coating to control any moisture, then two coats of the darker paint is added. This is the wall painted and ready for the next step:

I’ll present the electrical plan in the next post.

Kyle May
Kyle May
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