Electricity - a shocking new way to power your tanks!

By Kyle May
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Kyle May
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Electricity - a shocking new way to power your tanks!

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In step II of my mini-remodel, I had to redo all of the electricity.
In case you missed an earlier post, I've removed a rack of fifteen, 20 gallon tanks (75 liters) and
am replacing these with two -75 gallon tanks (284 Liters) and six fifteen gallon tanks (57 liters).
After removing the tanks, I cleaned the wall, then applied a mold preventative, a coat of water sealing paint,
then two coats of finish paint (exterior type). Now that I have the wall prepped, I can now add my electricity.

As with all projects, I start with a detailed plan that helps me buy materials and make sure that I don't forget anything:

Last year I installed a sub-panel in my basement that only powers the fish room. For this stand I've run three
independent circuits. One for the lights which hooks into an industrial timer to control the light in the entire room,
one circuit that handles only the heaters, and finally a third circuit for general power that handles filters, pumps, and accessories.

Here is the electricity wired in for the two 75 gallon tanks. You'll notice that the top set and bottom set consists of a box with
two outlets, plus another box with 4 outlets. The two outlet box powers the heaters and the four outlet box is general power.
The lighting outlets are in the ceiling and can't be seen in this photo.

Here's a closeup of one of the power for one - 75 gallon tank:

Here is the electrical supply for the six-15 gallon tanks:


Here’s an overall view of the wall all wired an ready for action:

Next time I’ll show the plumbing plan and completed assembly for these 8 new tanks.

Kyle May
Kyle May
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Re: Electricity - a shocking new way to power your tanks!

Post by Jshakour »

Great post!

Cant wait to see it when it is finished!
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