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Hello...I'm Kyle May.

I think it's important that you understand who I am; experience, background, etc.
This may give you insight as to how I think, and allow you to temper your opinions based on
some personal knowledge of my point of view.

Equally important is that you understand the intent and purpose of "The Frugal Aquarist's Ultimate Fishroom".

First lets start with me:

I am a 50 yr old kid who grew up in a small town in West Central Ohio, USA. We weren't poor, but weren't rich either, so
anything that was improved around our 100 yr old house was either done by us or not at all. We never paid anyone to do
something we could eventually figure out on our own. In a small town you've got plenty of time and help, so it's no secret why I've carried this mentality with me throughout my life. You'll see this "do it yourself" attitude in some of the topics to follow. You'll also be sure to note the occasions when it's better to buy that to DIY (Do It Yourself).

I started keeping cichlids in 1981 when I was a radio disc jockey living in Toledo, Ohio. The neat thing about being in the radio work 4 hrs per day! Talk about having time for the fish. First three cichlids were Severums, Kribensis, and what at the time was called Psuedotropheus Tropheops. I only had about three tanks in my one bedroom apartment and these were run using a piston pump. The pump was so loud, I can't believe the neighbors never called the

I chased my college sweetheart to Cleveland and took a "port in the storm" job managing the fish department at a local
franchise pet store (this chain pre-dates the big box pet stores so prevalent in the US). I managed around 100 tanks and became known for having a decent selection of cichlids. It was in this capacity that I learned a lot about fish management; how to deal with over-crowded tanks, how to avoid parasitism, how to treat stress using diet, etc. I also learned what happens when things go terribly wrong. The stories I have from this experience will be a thread at one point in this blog.
I think you'll find my experience as a manager of a store very interesting. It's way more than netting fish and doing water changes.

Fast forward now...past my newlywed stage with 9 tanks in a two bedroom apt... to the present.
I've got about 50 tanks in my current home, and most of these are in my fish room. The inaugural thread here will
revolve around my current fish room to detail a major upgrade that's happening as we speak.
I keep Centrals, Africans, South Americans, and will soon have some cichlids from Madagascar.
I breed frequently, am strict about how I keep individual species, and am growing ever fonder of the larger fish.
My favorite fish at the moment are my Vieja Bifasciatus of which I have 8 individuals of breeding size. I will post pics of these soon as I will document them as they breed.....which will probably be this week!

Now about The Frugal Aquarist's Ultimate Fish Room.

When I approached Juan about this blog, I wanted to have a concrete idea about what I could offer to this community.
I'm not an Ichthyologist and am not a student of genus's or species. But I thought that I could share my grass roots knowledge of this hobby we all live and breathe. I've been doing this for so long that I've bound to stumble upon something that will be helpful to the majority of you. So The Frugal Aquarist's Ultimate Fish Room is not about my fish room or any fish room in particular. It's about all fish rooms and the concepts that are used to build, maintain, and improve them. Inevitably the better the fish room, the better the fish in my opinion. Often, having the best doesn't mean spending a mountain of money - hence the frugal part. I believe that you can have a spectacular fish room and not break the bank.
I'll show you a dozen ways to save money without affecting the health or well being of your fish. Ask anyone who's been to my fish room and they'll attest that I've found many ingenious ways to save money, time, and energy (both actual energy and the elbow grease type).

So that's my big idea. I'll show you how and why I built my fish room like I have, and maybe you'll find some insight that will help you enjoy your fish room too. I over-think everything and you can bet that there is a reason for every aspect of my fish room. I've also toured a ton of fish rooms and noted their successes as well as their failures. We'll have a thread for that too....famous fish room failures. I'll bet you've got some stories to add to that one.

So hopefully you are up to reading more about my big idea. Please come back often and thanks for visiting
The Frugal Aquarist's Ultimate Fish Room.


Kyle May
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Re: Introduction

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Sounds excellent! Can't wait to read it.

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Re: Introduction

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Having built at least four fishrooms on shoestring budgets, I am very interested to hear some new ideas that can improve my current one!
There are two kinds of error: blind credulity and piecemeal criticism. Sound skepticism is the necessary condition for good discernment; but piecemeal criticism is an error. - Egyptian proverb
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