CAFE Spring Auction

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CAFE Spring Auction

Post by JeremyBasch » Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:08 pm

The Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts has our Spring Auction coming up! We always have a great selection of fish, inverts, plants and gently used dry goods. Here are the details:

Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts
Spring Auction 2012
Saturday, April 28, 2012
The Hamilton Township Community Building
6400 Lockbourne Rd
Lockbourne, Ohio 43137

For Auction Questions, Please E-mail Us or Call:

Auction Starts At 11:00am with registration starting at 9:30am

Registration for sellers and buyers begins at 9:30 AM.
The Auction starts at 11:00am
CAFÉ is NOT responsible for any accidents.
CAFÉ is NOT responsible for any mis-representation of fish.


Fish must be properly bagged:
Bags should contain approximately 1/3 water, 2/3 air.
No twist ties or zip lock bags.
Large fish should be bucketed.
For emergencies, bags and rubber bands are available for $0.25/bag.
Improperly bagged fish must be rebagged. If the seller cannot be found (or would rather we do it for them), CAFE staff will rebag the item(s). A rebagging fee of $2/bag will be deducted from the proceeds of the seller.
Please keep in mind, some fish might be in these bags for up to 24 hours.
There is a bag limit of 5 bags of fish/plants per species or color variant ("Bag" limits pertain to dry goods as well. Please e-mail us if you have questions on bag limits).
For every 5 items, the seller gets one priority sticker for items to be sold first (these can be used on fish or dry goods).
Fish must be labeled as to what scientific and/or common name they are known by. Good labeling typically fetches a better price.
Number of fish and sex (if known) must be labeled on bag. Good labeling typically fetches a better price.
All items must be labeled with a three-letter seller code (e.g. your initials) and successive numbers (e.g. 1 through 15). Bags without proper seller code are considered donations to CAFÉ. Please do NOT label your bags/items with random numbers.
Placing seller name and phone number, e-mail or website on each bag is encouraged to help exchange information about the fish.
CAFÉ now offers a "Minimum Bid" option to attract more variety. Sellers can set a minimum bid for a non-refundable fee of $2/item at the time of registration. Items not meeting the minimum bid will be returned to the seller. The unsold item can then be re-entered without a minimum bid or taken home. Minimum bid items that fail to sell and are not claimed by the end of the auction become donations to CAFÉ.
CAFÉ reserves the right to refuse to sell any fish believed sick or deformed.
CAFÉ reserves the right to refuse to sell any dry goods appearing more than gently used. However, feel free to use the minimum bid on high quality dry goods.
All items must be checked-in by CAFÉ before being placed with the other ready-to-auction items. Any issues spotted during check-in will be addressed at that time.
Sellers will be mailed a check for the amount of their auction proceeds, generally within two to four weeks of the auction.


Buyers can run a tab or pay cash. To run a tab, buyers must register at Registration Table with a valid driver's license.
Cash or check accepted with proper ID. CAFÉ reserves the right to refuse check payments from people blacklisted by other clubs for bounced checks.
Buyers can request immediate auctioning of an item for an "express bid" fee of $3 paid to CAFÉ. Please keep in mind; paying for priority bidding does not guarantee you will be the high bidder.

If you have any further questions or seek clarification of any of the above rules, please e-mail us and let us know.

Thanks! Jeremy

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