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Help Out!

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The Extravaganza is less than 2 months away.
This event is run by a very small group of people upon which an enormous task is bestowed each year.
Pulling off an event of this size requires this group of folks to work for an entire year, setting up and finalizing each little detail of the event.
From blocks of rooms, to speakers, vendors...even down to making the sandwiches and ordering the donuts.

If you enjoy this hobby, the OCA, and everything Extravaganza, why don't you volunteer some of your time to help out?
This small group of OCA board members have jobs, family and personal obligations -just like you- but still take time to put this event on year after year. Why don't you volunteer just a couple of hours and help out the club so that some of these folks might be able to enjoy a speaker, have lunch, or get to take a break during one of the auctions?

Helping out would mean a lot to them. Helping out would also mean a lot to you too. You might end up making some connections that you would not otherwise make - and access to fish that you would not normally see.

The more effort you make - the higher the payoff. See any board member for details on how you can help.

Kyle May
Kyle May
Ohio Cichlid Association
Northern Ohio, USA
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