Can't see Buys/Sells or Bulletins? Look Here!!

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Can't see Buys/Sells or Bulletins? Look Here!!

Post by Kyle May »

If you are an active member of the Ohio Cichlid Association and have gone to the site to find
that you cannot see the exclusive "members only" content then chances are you haven't logged in properly.

But First:

Remember that after you register for the site, you must send your USER NAME to:

[email protected]

You must be added manually to the Ohio Cichlid Association area and I must verify your membership status before
you can gain access to the members only content. Unless you email me your USER NAME, I won't know that you've registered.

Now let's assume that you are a member in good standing and that I've added you to the site.
If you still cannot see the exclusive content, then you've probably not logged in.
You must click on the login icon in the right corner of any page (just under the banner) and then log in.
Here is a visual of where the login is:

Once logged in you should be able to see the Bulletins and the Buy/Sell areas.
Obviously, (or maybe not), you know that you have to select the OCA Area that in the club section on the Board Index.

Still having problems?
Now you better call me: 216-548-5165 Good luck!
Kyle May
Ohio Cichlid Association
Northern Ohio, USA
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