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ACA 2009 Price List

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I am only taking a few titles to Cincinatti with us, primarily because Mike will have a large stock there. If you would like me to reserve any of these for you, please let me know early. We plan on leaving for Cinci on July 29 and will be taking these and special orders only.

Bleher’s Discus $125.00
Heiko Bleher Aqua Geographia #16 $19.00
Heiko Bleher Aqua $33.00
Heiko Bleher Limited Edition Tshirt $33.00
A Selection of Freshwater Fish Biotopes in Mexico $85.00 (still 1 left unreserved)

Pewter Pins (1 x piranha and 1 x marine angelfish) $10.00

Seahorses and Their Relatives $75.00
Indian Ocean Tropical Fish Guide $35.00
Marine Tropical Aquarium Guide $10.00
The Modern Reef Aquarium $15.00
C… Magazine $10.00

Poison Frogs: Jewels of the Rainforest $75.00

If you would like to pick up any other titles from my stock-on-hand from any section of my store (not just fish), email me and we will work out a reduced price for a pickup in Cincinatti!

A.N.G.F.A. North American Co-ordinator

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