MAGAZINES: List of publications indexed in the Cichlid Room Companion.

Issued publications

AIC bollettino
AIC bollettino (Italy) (Italian)
Publisher: Associazione Italiana Ciclidofili
Indexed by: Marko Lenac
Buntbarsch Jahrbuch
Buntbarsch Jahrbuch (Germany) (German)
Publisher: Bede Verlag
Indexed by: Ad Konings
Buntbarsche Bulletin
Buntbarsche Bulletin (United States) (English)
Publisher: American Cichlid Association
Indexed by: Daryl Hutchins
Cichlid News Magazine
Cichlid News Magazine (United States) (English)
Publisher: Aquatic Promotions
Indexed by: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas
Cichlidae (Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers) Publisher: Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers
Indexed by: Ad Konings
Ciklidbladet (Sweden) (Swedish)
Indexed by: Christian Alfredsson
Eggspots (Germany) (German)
Publisher: Erwin Schraml
Indexed by: Miguel Angel Díaz Gutiérrez
L\'an Cichlidé
L'an Cichlidé (France) (French)
Publisher: Association France Cichlid
Indexed by: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas
Revue Française des Cichlidophiles Publisher: Association Française des Cichlidophiles
Indexed by: Florent de Gasperis
Tanganika Magazyn
Tanganika Magazyn (Poland) (Polish)
Publisher: Tropheus Tanganika Company
Indexed by: Thomas Andersen
The Cichlids Yearbooks
The Cichlids Yearbooks (United States) (English)
Publisher: Cichlid Press
Indexed by: Juan Miguel Artigas Azas