TRADE SECTION: The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name.

Master list of cichlid trade offers

Amatitlania myrnae
Rocio spinosissima
exLamprologus ocellatus
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria
Species Type Trader Country Size Price Unit Comments

North America

Amatitlania myrnae sell John Ewtuch United States 4"-5" $ 0.00 trio breeders can deliver
Rocio spinosissima sell Karen Haas United States 3/8"-1/2" $ 5.00 each gaging interest for delivery to ACA convention

South America

Pterophyllum scalare want Karen Haas United States 1 $ 10.00 each Half black angelfish


exLamprologus ocellatus sell John Ewtuch United States 2" $ 0.00 trio can deliver
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria sell Karen Haas United States 2-3" $ 10.00 each Haplochromis sp. "Kisuule" gaging interest for delivery to ACA convention