Cichlid Room Companion

RSSTRADE SECTION: The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name.

Master list of cichlid trade offers

Aulonocara sp. \'trematocranus masinje\'
Pundamilia macrocephala
Stomatepia mariae
Tylochromis lateralis
Species Type Trader Country Size Price Unit Comments


Aulonocara sp. 'trematocranus masinje' sell Sarah Conner United States 2” $ 25.00 each Unsexed
Pundamilia macrocephala sell Karen Haas United States 1 $ 5.00 each About 3 left and appear to be a trio
Stomatepia mariae sell Karen Haas United States 1/2 $ 5.00 each Lake Barombi Mbo
Tylochromis lateralis sell Karen Haas United States 3" $ 15.00 each Father does not look like picture. It has a gold and black head. Juveniles starting to show same color