Cichlid Room Companion

RSSTRADE SECTION: The master list of cichlid offers ordered by area and species name.

Mayaheros urophthalmus
Retroculus xinguensis
Benitochromis ufermanni
Tylochromis lateralis
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria
Species Type Trader Country Size Price Unit Comments

Central America

Mayaheros urophthalmus want Joseph Middleton United States Small each Hello. I seek this species for my own, private experimentation. I assure you that the fish will not be harmed. I thank you

South America

Retroculus xinguensis sell Karen Haas United States 3" $ 30.00 each Only 1 available, unsexed


Benitochromis ufermanni want Karen Haas United States 1" $ 20.00 each want adults or fry
Haplochromis nuchisquamulatus sell Karen Haas United States 1/2" $ 20.00 group group of 6 unsexed L. Victoria
Tylochromis lateralis sell Karen Haas United States 2" $ 12.00 each from 2nd spawn in the US. Father is the gold head color form that doesn't look like the CRC picture
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria sell Karen Haas United States 1/2 $ 20.00 group Group of 6 Haplochromis sp. Katiri Point F3, ancestors collected by Lawrence Kent