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Mayaheros urophthalmus
Rocio spinosissima
Benitochromis ufermanni
Tylochromis lateralis
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria
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Mayaheros urophthalmus 徵求 Joseph Middleton 美國 Small each Hello. I seek this species for my own, private experimentation. I assure you that the fish will not be harmed. I thank you
Rocio spinosissima 出售 Karen Haas 美國 1/2-3/4" $ 5.00 each


Benitochromis ufermanni 徵求 Karen Haas 美國 1" $ 20.00 each want adults or fry
Haplochromis nuchisquamulatus 出售 Karen Haas 美國 1/2" $ 20.00 group group of 6 unsexed L. Victoria
Tylochromis lateralis 出售 Karen Haas 美國 2" $ 12.00 each from 2nd spawn in the US. Father is the gold head color form that doesn't look like the CRC picture
Unknown Furu Lake Victoria 出售 Karen Haas 美國 1/2 $ 20.00 group Group of 6 Haplochromis sp. Katiri Point F3, ancestors collected by Lawrence Kent