Cichlid Room Companion

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Aulonocara sp. \'trematocranus masinje\'
Pundamilia macrocephala
Stomatepia mariae
Tylochromis lateralis
物種 模式種 賣家 國家 體型尺寸 價格 單位 評論


Aulonocara sp. 'trematocranus masinje' 出售 Sarah Conner 美國 2” $ 25.00 each Unsexed
Pundamilia macrocephala 出售 Karen Haas 美國 1 $ 5.00 each About 3 left and appear to be a trio
Stomatepia mariae 出售 Karen Haas 美國 1/2 $ 5.00 each Lake Barombi Mbo
Tylochromis lateralis 出售 Karen Haas 美國 3" $ 15.00 each Father does not look like picture. It has a gold and black head. Juveniles starting to show same color