Cape Kachese
Cape Kachese is one of the rockier parts of Cameron Bay; Lake Tanganyika [Zambia].Photo by Ad Konings. (07-Oct-2002).

Lake Tanganyika





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Tanganyika: Cape Kachese (8°29'3"S, 30°28'16"E).

Conservation: Water pollution and overfishing are the greater risks for the fish fauna of this locality, as the population inside the park grows every year and it becomes harder to balance the ecosystem with all the people present. Currently (2022), the Nsama District population is estimated at 80,000. They have no electricity, borehole wells with chronic issues and the only way to cook is by fire.

Fishermen from this area do have some seasons where fishing is not allowed, and sustainability is taught to them, but often there is no enforcement.

Sumbu National Park has long been an advocate for large land animals, birds etc. It has only been recently that they have shown an interest in the fish fauna of Lake Tanganyika. They say ornamental fish collecting is not allowed inside the Sumbu National Park, yet we see the fish from that locality on export lists quite often.

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