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We offer 155 full genus and 946 full species profiles with complete information about taxonomy, distribution, biology, aquarium keeping, and conservation. Profiles are accompanied by distribution maps for each species.

The staggering 23220 pictures in our All Cichlids Catalog are individually chosen by their beauty and information value. Most of them were taken in the natural habitat by the finest cichlid photographers and many of them are unique, nowhere else to be found. We have photos of cichlid species you didn’t know even existed! We also provide 271 videos that show cichlid behavior in the wild. These numbers are constantly increasing.

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Here I have just summarized what we offer, there is considerably more information that you will get when you become a subscriber of the Cichlid Room Companion.

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Profilo di specie 946
  Descrizione 2,705
  Sinonimi 469
  Storia tassonomica 7,214
  Gruppo di specie 7,413
  Etimologia 1,290
  Diagnosi 1,141
  Dimensione 817
  Dimorfismo sessuale 478
  Località tipo 2,259
  Distribuzione 1,312
  Paesi abitati 3,680
  Habitat 761
  Località 8,199
  Alimentazione 934
  Riproduzione 934
  Aquariofilia 925
  Conservazione 31
  Commenti 35
  Immagini 23,220
  Video di ciclidi 271
  Bibliografia 30,941
IUCN 1,182
C.A.R.E.S. 168
* fa riferiemento al numero di registri assegnati al totale del numero di specie.
  Paese 3,680
  Habitat 761
  Ambiente 46
  Conservazione 31
  Commenti 35
  Specie aiuto 8199