Shell-sharing in Lake Tanganyika: ‘Lamprologus’ brevis

By Konings, Ad

Cichlid News Magazine, 30(1):6-12 Jan-2021

" ‘Lamprologus’ brevis is a tiny cichlid species from sandy areas in Lake Tanganyika, one of the shell dwellers that use snail shells for protection and breeding. This species is the only one in which both male and female reside in the same shell. In this article, I offer a complete overview of this species "

Shell-sharing in Lake Tanganyika: ‘Lamprologus’ brevis

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Classification: Species overview, Lake Tanganyika.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Cichlid News Magazine vol. 30 (n. 1)

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Konings, Ad. 2021. "Shell-sharing in Lake Tanganyika: ‘Lamprologus’ brevis". Cichlid News Magazine. 30(1):6-12 (crc11089) (abstract)