Cichliden in de wetenschap

By Janzen, Thijs

Cichlidae (Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers), v. 47(n. 3), pp. 22-23 May-2021

" Our aquariums are always lit during the day, but are all cichlid species that we love day-active or maybe there are nocturnal species? And can we keep cichlids with music or is it not allowed get too noisy? "

Classification: Publications.

Language: Dutch

Publication where the reference appears

Cichlidae (Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers) vol. 47 (n. 3)

Janzen, Thijs. 2021. "Cichliden in de wetenschap". Cichlidae (Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers). v. 47(n. 3), pp. 22-23 (crc11224) (abstract)