Cichlids of N-W South America

By Heijns, Willem

Buntbarsche Bulletin, (n. 310), pp. 22-31 Sep-2021

" In two earlier articles on N-W South America (BB308 and 309) I discussed the history of the area, comprising Colombia (Río Magdalena and Río Atrato) and eastern Panamá (Río Tuira), and some of the early explorers who went to these rivers to collect freshwater fishes. They found many of them, including 13 cichlid species, belonging to the geophagine, cichlasomatine and heroine groups. In this third installment we will take a closer look at these cichlids, their distribution, systematics and phylogenetic position "

Classification: Species overview, South America.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Buntbarsche Bulletin (n. 310)

Heijns, Willem. 2021. "Cichlids of N-W South America". Buntbarsche Bulletin. (n. 310), pp. 22-31 (crc11480) (abstract)