The Evolutionary Ecology of Cichlid Vision

By Gray, Suzanne M

The Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of Cichlid Fishes. Abate, M.E., Noakes, D.L.G. (Editors.), pp. 363-400 20-Sep-2021. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-024-2080-7_11

" The visual ecology of cichlids has contributed greatly to our understanding of mechanisms driving spectacular, colorful cichlid radiations. Interactions between the underwater light environment, the transmission of visual signals, and the visual sensitivity of the signal receiver are integral to the processes driving this diversity. Researchers recognized the importance of vision early in the study of African cichlids, citing the diversity of habitats in which cichlids are found and brilliant male nuptial coloration as potential forces shaping visual differentiation. Later work focused more on visual systems, adapted to the local light environment, as drivers of color pattern diversification. Most recently, researchers have focused on the evolution of visual systems under both ecological and sexual selection and the mechanisms of spectral tuning by investigating opsin gene expression and co-expression across the cichlid phylogeny. In this chapter, I describe the historical context of cichlid vision research, the diversity in cichlid visual ecology, and the current state of our understanding of cichlid visual ecology. Additionally, I discuss the possible consequences of human-induced changes to the underwater visual environment for cichlid diversity and suggest avenues for future research "

Classification: Genes and genetics.

Language: English

Gray, Suzanne M. 2021. "The Evolutionary Ecology of Cichlid Vision". The Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of Cichlid Fishes. Abate, M.E., Noakes, D.L.G. (Editors.). pp. 363-400. DOI: 10.1007/978-94-024-2080-7_11 (crc11695) (abstract)