Madagascar... or seeing spots

By Hutchins, Daryl

Buntbarsche Bulletin, (n. 311), pp. 23-31 Dec-2021

" This is a transcript of a presentation given to a Victorian Cichlid Society Meeting in 2008. The original presentation included a lot more images and a video. Much of the information and many of the images were acquired through personal interaction with users on ‘Madfi sh’, a Yahoo Group for Malagasy fi sh, which no longer seems to exist "

Classification: Captive maintenance, Madagascar.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Buntbarsche Bulletin (n. 311)

Hutchins, Daryl. 2021. "Madagascar... or seeing spots". Buntbarsche Bulletin. (n. 311), pp. 23-31 (crc11739) (abstract)