The Dambas from Madagascar: Paretroplus

By Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel

Cichlid News Magazine, 31(1):6-10 Jan-2022

" Madagascar cichlids represent some of the oldest and more primitive lineages in the family Cichlidae. Due to tectonic plates shifting, the island of Madagascar separated from India between 84–95 mya (million years ago), and even before from Africa, about 160 mya. Of the four currently recognized Cichlidae sub-families, two are present in Madagascar, with one (Ptychochrominae) being endemic and the second one (Etroplinae) sharing three species from India and Sri Lanka. The cichlid genus Paretroplus belongs to the subfamily Etroplinae, and it is the most speciose genus in Madagascar. Of the 30 described species of cichlids from Madagascar, 13 are Paretroplus, almost half of them "

The Dambas from Madagascar: Paretroplus

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Classification: Species overview, Madagascar.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Cichlid News Magazine vol. 31 (n. 1)

PDFArtigas Azas, Juan Miguel. 2022. "The Dambas from Madagascar: Paretroplus". Cichlid News Magazine. 31(1):6-10 (crc11778) (abstract)