A new species of deep-water Lethrinops (Cichlidae) from Lake Malawi

By Turner, George

Journal of Fish Biology, 04-Sep-2022. DOI: 10.1111/jfb.15208

" A new species of cichlid fish, Lethrinops atrilabris is described from specimens collected by trawling at a depth of around 90m off Monkey Bay, southern Lake Malawi. It is assigned to the genus Lethrinops on the basis of its vertical flank barring, lack of enlarged cephalic lateral line canal pores and the form of the lower jaw dental arcade. It can be distinguished from congeneric species by its male breeding dress of contrasting flank barring and dark ventral surface, most strikingly on the lips, throat and chest, its relatively small known maximum size (< 75 mm SL), large eyes (38-41% head length), laterally compressed body (depth 2.5-2.7 times max head width) and lower gillraker count (13-14) "

Comments: Attached PDF: this article has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Fish Biology and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination and proofreading process, which may lead to differences between this version and the Version of Record (Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 07-Sep-2022).

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny, Lake Malawi.

Language: English

Turner, George. 2022. "A new species of deep-water Lethrinops (Cichlidae) from Lake Malawi". Journal of Fish Biology. DOI: 10.1111/jfb.15208 (crc12053) (abstract)