Nuevo Cichlasoma del grupo Parapetenia procedente de Acapulco, Gro. (Pisc. Cichlidae)

By Alvarez, J & T. Gutierrez

Ciencia, pp. 232-234 (1953)

" Cichlasoma cajali is described as new species of the Parapetenia group (Regan 1908). Head 2.6 - 2.9; Depth 2.1 - 2.3; D XVII - XVIII, 9 - 10; A VlI, 7 - 8 (counts on 131 specimens); Ll 28 -29. Gill rakers 9. Table I presents variation and measurements of holotype in millimeters. C. cajali differs from other species of the group in number of dorsal and anal spines, proportions of snout to postorbital distance and length to depth of caudal peduncle as it is shown in the Spanish text. C. cajali shows closer resemblances with C. urophthalmus and C. trimaculatum. The former has VI anal spines, snout equals orbit diameter and presents several blackish cross bands on sides. C. trimaculatum has 31 scales in a longitudinal series,snout little less than equals postorbital length and premaxillary spine one half or slightly more than one half the length of head. C. cajali has VII anal spines, snout longer than eye diameter and slightly more than half the postorbital length; 28 - 29 scales in a longitudinal series: the pemaxillary spine less than one half the length of head.

This species is dedicated to the respected memory of Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, with special regard to his contributions to Biology. This is also a cordial testimony of our best regards to the Spanish naturalists "

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny, Central and North America.

Language: Spanish

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Alvarez, J & T. Gutierrez. 1953. "Nuevo Cichlasoma del grupo Parapetenia procedente de Acapulco, Gro. (Pisc. Cichlidae)". Ciencia. pp. 232-234 (crc01499) (abstract)