Distribution of Cichlid Fishes in the Littoral of Lake Bacalar, Yucatan Peninsula

By Gamboa-Pérez, Hector Carlos & J. J. Schmitter-Soto

Environmental Biology of Fishes, 54: 35-43 (1999) (1999)

" The distribution of cichlids in Lake Bacalar was assessed from January to September 1996, in eight shallowwater (<2m) stations, using a 20 m long seine net. Temperature, salinity/conductivity and dissolved oxygen were sensor-obtained; depth, submerged vegetation and bottom type were determined by visual inspection. Affinities between stations, based on fish abundance and environmental parameters, were analyzed by multivariate methods. Littoral of Bacalar town was the site with highest richness, diversity and abundance, probably promoted by the additional urban waste of organic matter. PCA defined two station-groups, one associated with muddy substrates, the other one with rocky/sandy bottoms. Cichlids are more abundant over muddy bottoms with abundant submerged vegetation, probably because of the abundance of prey and shelter "

Classification: Distribution and conservation, Central and North America.

Language: English

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Gamboa-Pérez, Hector Carlos & J. J. Schmitter-Soto. 1999. "Distribution of Cichlid Fishes in the Littoral of Lake Bacalar, Yucatan Peninsula". Environmental Biology of Fishes. 54: 35-43 (1999) (crc01793) (abstract)