Interview with: Roger Häggström, Apr-97

By Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel

The Cichlid Room Companion, 1997

" Roger Häggström, the long time editor of one of the best Cichlid publications in the world, the "Ciklidbladet", of the Nordic Cichlid Association, gives me this interview for the purpose of it's distribution in Internet by The Cichlid Room Companion. Roger, of Swedish origin, has successfully kept and bred Malawi cichlids for many years, he has also participated in trips to Malawi and México to see its favorite animals in their natural habitat. Roger has also attended many Cichlid Conventions in Europe and the United States "

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Interview with: Roger Häggström, Apr-97

Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel. 1997. "Interview with: Roger Häggström, Apr-97". The Cichlid Room Companion (crc02208) (abstract)