The Cichlids of the Genus Dimidiochromis

By Konings, Ad

The Cichlid Room Companion, (02-Apr-2008)

" The shallow water specialized predators from Lake Malawi are treated by the foremost expert on the cichlids of the lake, Ad Konings, who has taken over thousands of hours of underwater observation and documentation on the Lake Malawi cichlids. The article includes pictures of each species, a diagnosis as well as notes on distribution, natural history and other observations on the four species currrently in Dimidicochromis "

Classification: Species overview, Lake Malawi.

Language: English

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The Cichlids of the Genus Dimidiochromis

Konings, Ad. 2008. "The Cichlids of the Genus Dimidiochromis". The Cichlid Room Companion (crc02315) (abstract)