Movement of Cichla species (Cichlidae) in a Venezuelan floodplain river

Por Hoeinghaus, David J. & Craig A. Layman, D. Albrey Arrington and Kirk O. Winemiller

Neotropical Ichthyology, v.1(2): pp. 121-126 (28-nov.-2003). DOI: 10.1590/S1679-6225200300020000

" In their native habitats of black- and clear-water Neotropical rivers, large predatory cichlids of the genus Cichla are an important food and recreational resource. Understanding patterns of movement for these species is necessary for effective management and conservation; however, no information is available on movement in natural fluvial populations. Therefore, we initiated a cooperative mark-recapture program with local sport-fishing groups to evaluate movement of Cichla in the Cinaruco River, Venezuela and to promote conservation awareness. Between January 1999 and May 2003, we tagged 2,224 individuals of three species of Cichla (C. temensis, C. orinocensis, and C. intermedia) with uniquely numbered floy tags. Over 52 months, 2.8% of the tagged fishes were recaptured. Most recaptures occurred within 1 km of the tagging location; however, a few large C. temensis moved up to 21 kill, demonstrating the potential for longer distance movement in this species. The distance between tagging and recapture locations was not significantly correlated with the time interval between tagging and recapture. Distance moved was significantly related to fish size and period of the annual hydrological cycle. Implications for management and conservation of these species and future research directions are discussed "

Clasificación: Distribución y conservación.

Idioma: English

Hoeinghaus, David J. & Craig A. Layman, D. Albrey Arrington and Kirk O. Winemiller. 2003. "Movement of Cichla species (Cichlidae) in a Venezuelan floodplain river". Neotropical Ichthyology. v.1(2): pp. 121-126 (crc02451) (resumen)