Characters, synonymy, and distribution of the middle American cichlid fish Cichlasoma meeki.

Hasse, J. J.

Copeia, pp. 210–212 1981

" Within the Central American species of Cichlasoma there is a prominent phyletic line which Meek (1904) assigned the generic name Thorichthys before reducing it to subgeneric status (Meek, 1907). Regan (1905) considered Thorichthys a "section" of Cichlasoma, whereas Hubbs (1935) and Miller and Nelson (1961) considered Thorichthys a "group" as I do here. Cichlasoma meeki (Brind, 1918) and C. hyorhynchum Hubbs, 1935, have been considered distinct species within Thorichthys. Hubbs (1935, 1936) separated the two species on differences in body depth, eye diameter, lengths of dorsal and anal fins. numbers of dorsal and anal fin rays, and conspicuousness of the caudal peduncle spot. C. meeki Hildebrand, 1925, replaced by C. guija Hildebrand, 1935, is a junior secondary homonym of C. meeki (Brind). Miller (1966) gave the nortnern Yucatan Peninsula as the range for C. meeki and northern Guatemala and Belize for that of C. hyorhynchum. Attempts to identify Thorichthys species from Belize (formerly British Honduras) led to this comparative study of the two nominal species. Consistent differences in color and meristic charactcrs were not found. Morphometric differences cited by Hubbs (1936) can be explained by allometric growth rather wan by species differences. C. hyorhynchum is thus considered a junior synonym of C. meeki. and the latter is redescribed below "

Klasyfikacja: Dystrybucja i konserwacja, Ameryka Środkowa i Ameryka Północna.

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Hasse, J. J.. 1981. "Characters, synonymy, and distribution of the middle American cichlid fish Cichlasoma meeki.". Copeia. pp. 210–212 (crc02490) (streszczenie)