Waters of the Amazon

Von Leibel, Wayne

Buntbarsche Bulletin, (n. 232), pp. 8-16 (Feb.-2006)

" ...many South American cichlids have wide distributions including two or more water types! Examples include Acarichthys heckelii, which are found in all three water types over their distribution, and these black- and whitewater species: Heros appendiculatus, Satanoperca acuticeps, S. jurupari, Uaru amphiacanthoides, and Astronotus and Cichla species, to mention a few (Linke and Staeck 1994). So, with notable blackwater exceptions, most South American cichlids will tolerate a range of water chemistries from pH 6-7.8, and soft to moderately hard water. I suppose if your tap water flows out at pH 9 and a conductivity of 2500 μS you probably should raise Central American cichlids, or add some more salt and go African. But the majority of South American cichlids you are likely to encounter in the hobby are relatively undemanding and forgiving when it comes to water chemistry. "

Klassifizierung: Ökologie und Umwelt, Südamerika.

Sprache: English

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Buntbarsche Bulletin (n. 232)

Leibel, Wayne. 2006. "Waters of the Amazon". Buntbarsche Bulletin. (n. 232), pp. 8-16 (crc03331) (Kurzfassung)