Lethrinops sp. 'small green face'

Von Smith, Mark

Cichlid News Magazine, (1992)

" Review of the paper: Tawil, Patrick. 2011. "Description of a new cichlid species from Lake Malawi, with reexamination of Cynotilapia afra (Günther, 1893) and Microchromis zebroides Johnson, 1975". Cybium. v. 35(n. 3), pp. 201-211. The correct identification of the real Cynotilapia afra is given with the reasons supporting it. Comments on the correct synonymy of Microchromis with Cynotilapia are presented "

Klassifizierung: See Tanganyika.

Sprache: English

Veröffentlichung, wo der Verweis erscheint

Cichlid News Magazine vol. 1 (n. 1)

Smith, Mark. 1992. "Lethrinops sp. 'small green face'". Cichlid News Magazine (crc00369) (Kurzfassung)