Cyprichromis sp. "Jumbo leptosoma"

Von Andersen, Michael

Cichlid News Magazine, (1992)

" Pioneer of the aquarium hobby, the beautiful and hardy Chanchito was able to stand the experiments early aquarists did in order to keep aquarium fish. Because of their attributes, this fish has been able to remain popular to our days, learn about the Chanchito from Claudia Dickinson "

Klassifizierung: Wartungsaufwand, See Tanganyika.

Sprache: English

Veröffentlichung, wo der Verweis erscheint

Cichlid News Magazine vol. 1 (n. 1)

Andersen, Michael. 1992. "Cyprichromis sp. "Jumbo leptosoma"". Cichlid News Magazine (crc00371) (Kurzfassung)