A new dwarf cichlid (Perciformes) from Nigeria

Lamboj, Anton

Cybium, v. 37(n. 3), pp. 149-157 2013

" Pelvicachromis silviae, a new cichlid species, is described. It differs from congeners by unique coloration of females and a combination of morphological characters, e.g. greater body depth, shorter snout length, greater eye orbit diameter and several other meristic parameters. The species occurs in the lower Niger River system and seems to represent within the genus a closer relative to P. subocellatus "

Klasyfikacja: Taksonomia i filogeneza, Afryka.

Język: English

Lamboj, Anton. 2013. "A new dwarf cichlid (Perciformes) from Nigeria". Cybium. v. 37(n. 3), pp. 149-157 (crc05472) (streszczenie)