Angelfish: genetic transparency changes everythings

By Pedersen, Matt

Amazonas (English), v. 2(n. 1), pp. 48-57 (2013)

" Aquarists who know me would argue that I am a marine fish breeder. I made a name for myself as the first and only person to breed the “impossible to keep alive” Harlequin Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris). Only the folks who know me really well understand that I don’t discriminate on the basis of salt content! My recent fishroom expansion finally gave me the space to seek out one of my next challenges in fresh water "

Classification: Genes and genetics, South America.

Language: English

Pedersen, Matt. 2013. "Angelfish: genetic transparency changes everythings". Amazonas (English). v. 2(n. 1), pp. 48-57 (crc05904) (abstract)