My favorite six cichlids

By Kent, Lawrence

Cichlid News Magazine, v. 23(n. 4), pp. 34 (01-Oct-2014)

" Lawrence Kent selects his six favorite cichlids: Haplochromis sp. ‘Murchison Bay’, Haplochromis sp. ‘Ruby’, Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri, Hemichromis sp. ‘Burkina Faso’, Prognathochromis sp. ‘Dodoma’ and Taeniolethrinops laticeps "

Classification: People and associations.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Cichlid News Magazine vol. 23 (n. 4)

Kent, Lawrence. 2014. "My favorite six cichlids". Cichlid News Magazine. v. 23(n. 4), pp. 34 (crc06408) (abstract)